Stephen Scheele - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Stephen Scheele - Signature Artist

Scorpion Percussion is one of the best companies out there for drum sticks. I have played a lot of different sticks in my lifetime, but noting holds up like these do. On top of the quality, you have a team that communicates and cares about your needs for a good product. It has been an honor to play on stage and in the studio with these weapons.

Drummer Stephen Scheele poses with Scorpion Percussion drumsticks behind his drumkit

"My name is Stephen Scheele. I am from Topeka, KS- born and raised there. I have been playing percussion since I was a kid. I enjoy all types of music from Jazz to extreme metal. Grunge Rock and Metal are my go-to when playing, although I do enjoy alternative projects from time to time. I am a big supporter of local music and their venues. Good local artists pour their hearts into what they do. So I am grateful to be part of that scene. There is not much more to me really. Love my family and love my music scene."

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