Shannon Bushey - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Shannon Bushey - Signature Artist

5B | Ball | 17" | Venom Grip

“Scorpion to the Rescue! These sticks are tough as nails and have a great feel to them! I finally have the perfect sticks built to my exact specifications!”

Drummer Shannon Bushey poses with Scorpion Percussion drumsticks behind his drumkit

Vermont native, Shannon Bushey was born in Burlington and started playing drums at a very early age. As a kid his parents would let him attend jamborees at a local club they worked and ran. He would sit an air drum along to pretty much every song the band would play. His favorite as a little kid was wipeout and one day he was asked to come up and play it with the band. From that point on he would be banging on everything his parents had until he finally got his first drum set. Listening to Elvis and then seeing Peter Criss from KISS he knew exactly what he wanted to do. And that was to entertain! In his teens he couldn’t get enough of the hair bands and wanted to rock even more! Growing his hair long, wearing spandex and putting eyeliner on became a regular thing for him. With most of this long in his past there were still a couple of things that haven’t changed for him today. That’s his love for anything drums and to entertain. This self-taught drummer is influenced by Rikki Rocket, Tommy Lee, Steven Adler, Rick Allen, Peter Criss, Eric Singer, Tommy Aldridge, Randy Castillo and Phil Rudd He has drummed for Razors Edge, Iron Core, T-Zer, Zoo on the Waterfront, Shovelhead, Prism and since 2021 to the present he drums for and tours with the band 90 Proof. Shannon Plays/uses Pearl Drums, Remo Clear Pinstripe Heads, Evans Emad2 and Aquarian Super kick bass drum heads, Paiste Cymbals, Scorpion 17 inch 5B Ball Sticks, OffSet Eclipse Double Pedals, Meinl Cowbells, No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves, No Nuts Cymrings, Drumstick Grip Wax, Ahead Drum Gloves, Ahead Drum Cases, SKB Cymbal Vault and his most used giging snares are the Ludwig Black Beauty and the Ludwig Signature Carl Palmer. Not enough space to list his astonishing snare collection.

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