Sam Gaulin - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Sam Gaulin - Signature Artist

5A | Ball | 16" | Lacquer

"I was between brands of sticks for a while, not really finding what I was looking for. Nothing gave me the feel and durability I needed to play to my potential. I bought a pair of Scorpions and never looked back! Their attention to detail is second to none-- The quality, the finish and especially the feel of their sticks far surpass any brand out there. Durability is on point, and as a heavy hitter, this was very important to me. I’m so happy I found this amazing company. If you’re looking for excellence, you’ve come to the right place!"

Drummer Sam Gaulin poses with Scorpion Percussion drumsticks behind his drumkit

Hailing from the heavy music hotbed of Western Massachusetts, Sam Gaulin was born and raised in Holyoke, MA. Sam was surrounded by a variety of punk and hardcore music from an early age. Bands such as the Violent Femmes, Fugazi and The Replacements filled his childhood home. Sam begged for his own drum set as a young kid and was finally gifted one at the age of 9 - a Ludwig 5 piece rocker kit. Eventually, Sam joined the school band on percussion, and joined his first band, Man of Velocity, at the age of 16. MOV took Sam to stages such as Toads Place, the Palladium, L’amours and CbGb’s to name a few. Being able to play these shows at such a young age, with some of the best in the business, helped establish a solid foundation for his musical career for years to come. In 2016, Sam was introduced to Phil Bonk and John “Slo” Maggard as they were looking for a drummer for a project they were working on. Slo exited a long musical hiatus from former international touring act, Unearth, and joined forces with Phil Bonk (All My Sins, Once Beloved). In time, the newly formed group went on to add professional cover vocalist, Dean Dewey, and continued to grow organically, playing shows throughout the Northeast United States. By the summer of 2019, Hero and The Horror released its debut EP “Chapter 1” via Hanging Moon Records, fledgling independent label of the band’s producer, Kia Eshghi. The band continued its organic rise until the onset of the Covid Pandemic set in and curbed performances. During this time, the band added its newest member, lead guitarist Michael Drost, to the fold. With the addition of Michael Drost, the band hunkered down and began paving its new sound, writing nearly two dozen songs. As the pandemic restrictions lifted, the band once again got to playing live gigs and tested the new material across New England. Hero and The Horror quickly began negotiations with Connecticut heavy metal rock label, Salt of the Earth Records, and agreed to sign on in early 2023. Selecting eleven tracks, the band got back to work with producers Kia Eshghi and Joel Stroetzel (Killswitch Engage) and laid the foundation for their full-length LP entitled “Old Ghosts” released in 2024. To date, Hero and The Horror has shared the stage with notable acts Unearth, Tantric, Red, Saul, Living Wreckage, Death Ray Vision, Monochromatic Black, Dead By Wednesday, Saliva, Rubikon, Inverter, and many others. Following the release of “Old Ghosts”, Hero and The Horror continue to pave its path and expand its reach wherever opportunities arise. Current band- Hero and the Horror

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