Russell Ray - Brand Ambassador – Scorpion Percussion

Russell Ray - Brand Ambassador

5A | Ball | 16" | Natural

"When I started looking for a company to work with, I wasn't looking for a logo to have under my belt or just a website to be on. I really wanted to work with a company that would be a part of the team, and a crew that I could grow with. I saw the Scorpion brand around and was given a pair on tour. After using them I decided to reach out. Dan and John took the time to meet with me and in that conversation I was very impressed with their passion for their work. They really make a quality product that withstands the beating night after night and they do not allow anything to come out of that shop less than 110%. Best sticks that I have ever used and they have an incredible team along side of them."

      Russell Rodriguez started playing at the age of 10. After discovering rock music, he started building his own drums by pulling patio furniture into the house and throwing couch cushions on them. He would then use his parents clothes hangers for sticks, turn on the fireplace, and just start jamming with the stereo blasting like he was in concert. Once his mom took him to see Motley Crue, the rest was history.

Russell got his first real drum set and began learning how to play Pantera, Metallica, Crue, and more. He joined the school band and eventually started his own metal projects. After playing in the Orlando scene for a number of years, Russell decided to move to Los Angeles where he wound up playing in several bands, fill-in gigs and sessions from blues and pop to rock music.

In 2014, Russell joined forces with Dave Naruszewicz to co-found VYCES. After releasing their first EP Devils, the band started touring around the U.S. VYCES spent 2017 and 2018 supporting the singles Nocturnal and Thin Luck, and released new material in 2019.

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