Nate "Diabetus" Lees - Signature Artist

Black and white image of drummer posing with sticks

"Scorpion Percussion makes beastly manly man drum sticks! I'm extremely well known for annihilating both drum sticks and cymbals. That's why I chose Scorpion Percussion drum sticks. They deliver an unmatched durability and feel while playing. The Emperor 737 warm up sticks are perfect and I love warming up with them. "

Close up photo of Scorpion Percussion Signature Artist Calvin Williams wearing a scorpion hat
Close up black and white of a drummer holding up drumsticks to display

Music is the biggest passion in my life. Playing it, writing it, watching it live, listening to it, collecting it, endlessly searching for new music, and watching it evolve is amazing. I started playing drums when I was 12 and I've played in many bands since I was 16. I play in Jonestown Massacre with some of my closest friends currently. We do the deaths metals. I get stupid crazy live so if you happen to see me playing a show sit back and enjoy!

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