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" Strong and exceptionally great weapons I have a blast with these sticks!!!! "

I spent a good portion of my life locked in a room playing drums when I was a kid. joined my first original band at the age of 16.. from that point on my love for original music had taken control! From Cleveland to LA and back to Cleveland and everywhere in between I have had the pleasure of entertaining people..

Then a band called Dead Earth invited me into their family...

Dead Earth’s music combines catchy riff-based hard rock with a classic metal sound, where the riff takes precedence, over the more modern technical-based sound many metal bands have adopted. Dead Earth songs are influenced by a blue collar, industrial ideology, as well as the cold, dark winters from the city in which they hail powering their dark, heavy sound similarly to the elements that influenced such legends as Black Sabbath and Judas Priest. Dead Earth has currently released one EP entitled “Pollution” in August of 2018 as well as one full length album entitled “Truth Hammer” in September of 2019, which contains remixed versions of the 6 songs from the EP, as well as 7 new additions. Both “Pollution” and “Truth Hammer” were recorded, mixed, and mastered at Brainchild Studios.

Dead Earth has played over 40 shows to date, including 2 consecutive years at The Cleveland Metal Holiday Show, as well as opening for popular bands such as Destructor and Black Sabbitch. With a strong passion and drive for the music they make, Dead Earth is continuously writing new material and perfecting their heavy metal style. Their driving goal is to get their music out to the world for all to hear, and to keep the true style of classic hard rock and heavy metal alive for fans of all ages to continue to enjoy.

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