Bill Rad Morris - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Bill Rad Morris - Signature Artist

5A | Acorn | 16.5" | Lacquer

"I am honored and stoked to be promoting and playing Scorpion Percussion sticks. These sticks are the only ones I've found that stand up to my style of playing while still maintaining a great feel."

Bill Morris poses with Scorpion Percussion drumsticks behind his drumkit

Bill started drumming in the year 2000. Influenced by classic rock artists such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Rush, he is drawn to music with heavy grooves and progressive song structure. Bill’s experience ranges from classic rock, to outlaw country, hip hop, pop, and punk. Over the course of two decades, Metallica, Slayer, and Tool inspired Bill to incorporate double bass drumming and more aggression into his signature style. He is known for his strong, concise rhythm, groove, precision, and heavy shuffles. Bill is quick to learn new songs and genres due to his strong music theory foundation from years of study, lessons, and various method books. By picking up on the patterns more than simply reading the music, Bill converts new songs into muscle memory remembering them long after they fall out of rotation. These skills make Bill a great drummer to call for a last-minute fill in and an ideal heavy hitter in a band building their repertoire.

Bill played consistently in 7 bands whose styles ranged from heavy metal to ska to outlaw country. Bill incorporates the groove and accessibility of diverse genres to productively complicate the song structure. Influential artists include Neil Peart, John Bonham, Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, Danny Carey, Jeff Porcaro, Stanton Moore, and Dave Lombardo. Bill plays Scorpion sticks because, out of the many sticks he has played, they stand up the best to his heavy hitting style of playing while still maintaining a good feel. 

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