Bennie Knappenberger - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Bennie Knappenberger - Signature Artist

"Im a heavy hitter, and boy are these the perfect match for me, combined you get gnarly stuff man." 

"One kick ass kid just proudly showing off the best sticks in the business. Plays in the groove-thrash metal band Cyadine. Nicked named “Powerhouse” because of his heavy hitting with pure power and control. He has always been drumming since he was young but started taking things seriously in his freshman year of high school when he realized bigger things were ahead of him. Bennie is one to be versatile with drums and music all around. He plays for hours on end playing albums, working on new grooves for Cyadine, or simply playing rudiments. But one thing is for sure, the signature stick he designed with Scorpion never disappoints. Those killer sticks can go through hell and back, still staying strong. Bennie is named powerhouse for a reason and Scorpion Percussion never lets him down."

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