Ben Rudolph-Wilson - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Ben Rudolph-Wilson - Signature Artist

"I knew immediately after trying Scorpion Sticks I would be using them exclusively from now on. They hit harder, last longer, and are weighted perfectly. Every new stick you grab out of the holder is exactly what you want it to be."

Hailing from San Diego, California, Ben Rudolph-Wilson has been drumming for at least 20 years and has been in a variety of metal bands. While initially building a repertoire of prog metal and drum kits too massive to be taken anywhere, he now finds himself more and more drawn to the extreme fringes metal has to offer. He's spent the last decade pushing the limits of his capabilities, whether with the increasingly technical death metal band "Gravespell", the drastic musical and emotional range of the progressive melodic death metal band "Ashen Earth", the dizzying vortex of dissonant black metal that is "Cerulean", or the profound aggression needed for the melodic black metal band "Mythraeum", who have been playing festivals internationally since being crowned the winners of 2022's Wacken Metal Battle Usa. He strives to have as many tools, techniques, and skills as possible at his disposal to never hold back what his bands are trying to express without sacrificing musicality. He believes Scorpion sticks give him the power, durability, and reliability to further that end.

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