Alexander Simsay - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Alexander Simsay - Signature Artist

"Scorpion sticks take a beating and keep doling it out. Never has my wood been so hard..."

Drummer Alexander Simsay poses with Scorpion Percussion drumsticks behind his drumkit

Drawn by the powerful sound of percussion, it was in middle school when Alex had discovered an original 70's Ludwig Vistalite drumset sitting in his band rooms storage closet. Though his love for percussion started earlier thanks to some musically talented family members, it was then that his drumming addiction spiraled out of control and became a way of life. Middle school band led to high school music programs such as marching drumline, indoor drumline, jazz band, and even orchestra/symphonic ensemble. Post high school, his marching talents led him to joining the Velvet Knights Drumcorp as the Tenor section leader and participating in DCI tournaments. Outside of school and drumcorp, playing in a band joined the list of passions. Fadrait (progressive metal), became his first endeavor that he and his brother, Zachary Simsay, started in highschool. To this day Fadrait is still active, writing material, and playing shows even after suffering Line-up mishaps. At 18 years old, Alex was also asked to join Languishing (shoegaze/black metal). They performed all over San Diego and LA and released an album before disbanding due to members moving out of state. In recent exploits, Alex was approached by his good friends and a band he has shared the stage with many times, Helsott, and was courted to join the ranks of the Folk Metal power house. With many shows and festivals lined up with Helsott, and Fadrait hitting the ground running with new members, Alex finds himself happily busy with his music life and can't wait to see where it takes him. 

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