Frago Brothers To Release New Album – Scorpion Percussion

Frago Brothers To Release New Album

Recently endorsed Signature Artist Jacob Frago, brother and band mates Johnny Frago are pleased to announce their new record dropping July 24, 2020 on all streaming outlets. 

Frago started in May of 2014 after brothers Johnny Frago and Jacob Frago were signed up without warning, to play a concert in Bismarck, MO. Their friend Marie told them they were signed up to play for two hours at Bismarck's FreedomFest. Jacob strongly encouraged Johnny to come up with songs they could play at the event instead of cancelling. Johnny, while still busy in college, agreed to do it. Johnny recruited a bass player and photographer for the show. They arranged thirty songs to play and on July 4th, 2014, Frago was born. The name, originally being "Golden Ticket" was changed by the brothers after encouragement from their bass player at the time. Although members have changed in the past, the Frago brothers have remained in the line-up. Frago is a band to be enjoyed by everyone. No matter the person. The mission of this band is to create the best rock music possible and bring people together through it.


For more information on Frago and Jacob, visit Jacob's Signature Artist page.

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