Signature Artist Ben Levi (Matriarchs) Release "Year Of The Rat" 10.16 – Scorpion Percussion

Signature Artist Ben Levi (Matriarchs) Release "Year Of The Rat" 10.16.2020

If you know our brand, you would hear all sorts of music from artists in genres from Heavy Metal to Gospel / Country. There is an ear for everything and our job is to support our artists and sort it out.

Every artist has a story. We met Ben through a Southern California publicist named Raquel Figlo owner of Raquel Figlo Public Relations who is also a fellow scenester and industry representative. Ben plays drums for and is the founding member of the Los Angeles-based hardcore band Matriarchs. They have released a new music video for the single titled "Bombaclot" which can be found on their up coming new record Year Of The Rat; set to be released 10.16.2020 courtesy of Upstate Records.

Enjoy this heavy ass, hardcore snack, right between the ears...




"Bury me inside of the skin 
Tell me everything that you did 
And I will be there after the end
Fuck it all I’m a goddamn wreck"
 "Bombaclot is a song about getting in your own way. We are our own biggest enemies when it comes to succeeding and progressing forward and I wanted to write a song that reflected this. I feel like I'm always getting in my head about not working enough or not moving fast enough when it comes to my career as a vocalist and even as a freelance videographer. I think this is a super relatable song and I hope people get behind it."
 - K Enagonio, vocalist for Matriarchs


Matriarchs is:

Carlos Pagan, K Enagonio, Ben Levi 

Photo Credit: Danny Palaci

 Matriarchs is an American hybrid metallic hardcore band, formed originally in Los Angeles CA in 2014. Starting out as studio project by founding member Ben Levi, Matriarchs has established themselves as recognizable name in the metal/hardcore community.


Drawing inspiration for their affinity for modern European Beat Down and 90s New York metallic hardcore, Matriarchs assembled a team of veteran metal and hardcore musicians to release their first studio release, "Scandalous Jointz" on Eulogy Records in 2015.  Produced by Nick Jett of Terror, and Mastered by Matt Hyde, (Lionheart, Hatebreed, Deftones), the sonic ferocity and energizing success of "Scandalous Jointz" immediately brought them to the national touring level and ultimately sharing the stage with such acts as Soulfly, Harm's Way, Disgrace, Bane, Backtrack, Sworn Enemy and Vision Of Disorder.   


After a brief hiatus in 2018 to reflect on the future strategy of the band, Matriarchs went for a overhaul and parted with ways with Richard Barthel and recruited vocalist K Enagonio and guitarist Carlos Pagan to complete their new studio full-length release, Year Of The Rat.  


Looking to take their release to the next level, Matriarchs teamed up with Upstate Records and Blood Blast Distribution to set Year Of The Rat on maximum overdrive.


Year Of The Rat will hit the streets October 16, 2020


For more information about Matriarchs,
please contact Mario at Upstate Records
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