Zed Amarin - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Zed Amarin - Scorpion Signature Artist

"My sticks from Scorpion Percussion do not only have the best balance, feel and power, they are the most indestructible sticks I have played. I am in love with the weapon grade hickory. " 

The narrative of cultivating strength through adversity is a familiar one, but when a backwards authoritarian government run by superstitious zealots aims to suppress an entire genre of music through torture and coercion, only the most devoted and passionate will rise to live out a story worth telling. Zed Amarin, born in 1987 in Amman, Jordan was called to percussion by extreme music at an early age. Influenced early on by everything from grunge, thrash, death and nu metal to Jon Bonham, Neil Pert, and Derek Roddy, Zeid’s burgeoning palette was as varied as it was sharp. Since joining the Jordanian Royal Academy of Music at 12, he has played in drumlines and bands alike, jamming on traditional instruments like the derbuka and throwing down on the drums alongside other renowned talent in projects like and Esodic. But every few years, superstitious authorities in Jordan worked themselves into a fervor over the imagined threat of satanism and sorcery, subsequently cracking down on the underground metal scene. Zed continued to perform show after show as Jordanian “intelligence” agents infiltrated his community, turning friends against each other with torture and coercion, raiding gigs after venues were booked and equipment was rented, and doing everything within their power to decimate the spirit and deplete the resources of musicians like him. After Esodic rose to the finals in the 2008 Global Battle of The Bands, pressure from the Jordanian government reached a fever pitch. After completing his BS in Architectural Engineering from the University of Jordan, Zed resolutely followed his unwavering passion for metal drumming and relocated to America in 2015. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

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