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How To Start Your Search and Notification

1.Review the current Covid-19 Shipping Standards and submit your notification with Scorpion Percussion.

Scorpion Percussion Delayed Shipping Notification

2. Please open a case with the USPS. After clicking the button below, click the "Where is my package" button on the following screen. Enter your tracking number and fill out the form. The USPS will contact you within 1-3 business days. If the USPS does not contact you within 1-3 business days, call 1-800-ASK-USPS for assistance.

USPS Start Your Form

USPS Shipping Standards (Covid-19 Delays))

USPS products and packages may require more time to be delivered due to limited transportation availability as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 impacts. Click for more information on USPS Covid Delays.

USPS Shipping Standards (Normal Operations)

Delivery time varies from one class of mail to another. It may be possible that the mail piece is still in transit and is not lost or delayed depending on what class of mail is being used and how long ago it was mailed. The following chart outlines the delivery standards for various mail classes and indicates how long you should wait before you contact USPS customer assistance with a concern under normal operations.

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