Richie Sather - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Richie Sather - Signature Artist

2B | Oval | 17" | Natural

"Over the past 20 years, I've used...and shattered, many of the top "name brand" sticks out there. Then a friend turned me on to Scorpion Percussion and I have never looked back. Playing Heavy Metal, it's hard to find a badass pair of sticks that will last longer than a couple songs, but the strength and balance of Scorpion sticks are second to none. I take these sticks to war with me every time I step behind any drum kit, and I'm happy as hell to be part of the Scorpion family!!!"

Drummer Richie Sather poses with Scorpion Percussion drumsticks behind his drumkit

Richie Sather (Active from 1997-present) is the drummer of the Heavy Metal band LACABRA. He started playing drums for metal bands and studio musicians since the 7th grade. He was even awarded "Best Drummer of the Year" at the 2010 Hot Rocks Music Awards by the legendary drummer of Santana, Michael Shrieve!

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