Pierce Williams - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Pierce Williams - Signature Artist

" By far the best sticks I've ever played! Extremely smooth and durable. I want to be the best drummer I can be and Scorpion Percussion helps make that possible. Put down whatever sticks you got now and grab a pair now! "

Born and raised in Portland, Oregon. My love for drums started at 8 years old. I had a cheap toy kit that I got as a gift from my parents that I would beat the hell out of. It lasted a few weeks but that didnt ever stop me from playing. When i was 11 i recieved my first practice pad, a pair of sticks, as well as the "syncopation" and "stick control" books. I studied those books religiously for the next two years. When I was 13 I recieved my first drum kit as a birthday gift. Haven't skipped a day of drumming ever since. I was fortunate enough to also receive drum lessons at a young age. I was taught a variety of concepts, styles/genres, exercises, and techniques that I still use to this day in my playing. I joined my first band right after I graduated high school. Shortly after playing live locally and catching people's attention, I was bombarded with messages from guitarists wanting me to join their bands. My first studio album I recorded was Blood Freak's "Squalor". I have been actively playing and recording music for numerous projects since then. As of lately my main focus has been growth and development. I'm all about creativity, and I love going down that hole to see how far it goes... not surprisingly, I'll still be digging that hole until I'm in one.

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