Mitch Swanger - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Mitch Swanger - Signature Artist

" There are a few things that I love about Scorpion Percussion, but my favorite has to be the durability and reliability of the sticks. I'm a heavy hitter and prior to joining the Scorpion Percussion family, I would break multiple sticks each gig; two or three in a 45-minute set. When I first started playing the Scorpion sticks, I went through four shows before breaking my first stick. I actually commented to my band after the first show with them at how durable they were. The sticks are not only durable and reliable, but they are also consistent in being the highest quality. I'm honored to be playing these drumsticks."

Mitch Swanger has been drumming since he was two years old. Before he was running, he was sitting on his dad’s knee and barely reaching the drums. From an early age, Mitch always had a passion for drumming, but it was at age 12 that Mitch discovered Rush’s “Moving Pictures” album and his whole world changed. It was at that moment that he realized he wanted to drum professionally someday. In 2010, Mitch co-founded the band, Silent Theory. Since then, he’s released two albums: Black Tie Affair (2011) and Delusions (2016), been on multiple national tours, and has had worldwide radio success. Their first single, Fragile Minds, released June 2016, and charted at #97 for Media Base Active-Rock and #29 for Under the Radar charts. It has since surpassed 7 million video views on YouTube and continues to grow rapidly. Following the success in June 2018, through Loudwire, the band released their second single, Watch Me Burn. The single charted at #67 on the Media Base Active-Rock charts. Silent Theory is currently wrapping up their next album in the studio and anticipating a fall release and national tour.

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