Mike Wilson - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Mike Wilson - Signature Artist

7A | Ball | 16" | Venom Grip

"Got stung by the Venom and now I'm Immortal!!

Drummer Mike Wilson poses with Scorpion Percussion drumsticks behind his drumkit

My name is Mike Wilson - I’m 55 years old, I started playing drums at age 11 in my parent’s band making money on stage and it just escalated from there, I have been in a band playing music ever since (over 45 years) and have loved every minute of it! I played for Artist Johnny Bush for almost 3 years and several other people who I have recorded with over the years, my current band is Tumble Dry Low, we are based in south Texas (Corpus Christi area) and are predominantly 80’s, 90’s country but play a wide variety of all genres of music! We played over 170 shows last year and are well on our way to that again this year. I learned so much throughout the many years of being on stage but the main thing I learned was to “have fun” and get the crowd involved with you as you play! I stand up and dance, twirl my sticks, and throw them in the air quite often and the crowd loves it because it makes them happy to see my crazy antics and makes them feel apart of the show! I’m no rock star by any means, but I have fun and do give out signed drumsticks to my fans, this keeps them happy and always coming back to see what I may do next. I am honored to be a Signature Artist with Scorpion Percussion. I appreciate the Brand and durability of your product thank you! 

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