Jonathan Fortson - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Jonathan Fortson - Signature Artist

"Best sticks ever!!!! Get you some and Become Immortal!!!!!"

Drummer Jonathan Fortson poses with Scorpion Percussion drumsticks behind his drumkit

My name is Jonathan Fortson. I’ve been playing the drums for basically all my life-- 30 years to be exact. I grew up in the church playing as little boy to a young teen. My up bringing evolved around music. Basically my whole family either sings or plays an instrument or some sort. Through middle school and high school is where I really developed as not only a drummer, but a musician. As years went by, I joined a few local rock bands here and there that were local and with one of them did a mini tour in the U.S. and recorded an EP. Later on I traveled and recorded for an international Gospel artist named Eddie James. I traveled a lot of the world for 4 years. I later played for and still currently play for Free Chapel as a contracting musician. During that time I’ve also recorded albums and recorded for people like All Nations Worship Assembly Atlanta. The Living Band which I still currently play with, The Ramp in Hamilton Alabama where I currently reside as the staff drummer and drum intstructor, and Josiah Garret and the Colorblind Pilots which has a new album coming out next year of 2022. I’ve been a lot of places and done a lot of thing that I could’ve never imagine doing. God has blessed me to do a lot of things and I aspire to do a lot more in the coming years of my drumming career. I want to say thanks to Scorpion Percussion for not only making great and phenomenal sticks, but also being great friends and what I consider family!! Look forward to doing great things in the coming years.

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