Ethan Ducrocq - International Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Ethan Ducrocq - Signature Artist

" I am an endorsed artist for some months now and I don't ever want to go back! Scorpion Percussion drumsticks are the best sticks in the world because everything is created with some details. The wood is really impressive and the Venom Grip is an awesome option. You have a lot of choices to customize your own drumsticks. I'm really happy to be a part of the family! "

Always practicing alone to improve his drumming level at the beginning, Ethan ""Morfal"" Ducrocq is now a drummer appreciated for his reliability and versatility. His way has started through is work with the melodic death metal band Spyral. Ethan has taken the decision to be the official drummer of Frakasm and Death Agony. Most recently, Ethan was tapped as a session drummer to play the drums parts of Vermicular Incubation and Carnivore Diprosopus.

Ethan has served as a fill-in for the likes of Demenzia Mortis, Spectral Damnation, Desperate and Shaours further cementing his reputation as a drummer capable of playing any style of metal.

Ethan is currently located in Oignies, France."

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