Eric Lewis - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Eric Lewis - Signature Artist

3A | Ball | 17" | Venom Grip

"As drummers, we have so many components must feel right-- and it starts with drumsticks. I have used many brands over the years and was never satisfied-- that was until 2023 when I stumbled upon Scorpion! These sticks are by far the best quality, and have created huge savings because they can take a beating! The Venom Grip FEELS RIGHT! Once you feel the sting, you will never go anywhere else!"

Drummer Eric Lewis poses with Scorpion Percussion drumsticks behind his drumkit

From age 13, Eric "SpAz" Lewis has been melding his passion for music as a drummer. Always tapping on things, so being a drummer was a natural fit. It wasn’t until after he joined the Navy at the age of 18, did he seek to join a full time band. Through out his military career, SpAz has performed alongside many different bands (8 SeKunDz, The Imbeskulls, Element Fifty-Four, and 13th Floor) spanning 8 states , been signed with an two independent record labels, and has done studio work for local bands and independent artists from different genres.

Since retiring from the Navy in 2014, he has more time to hone his craft and enjoy music to the fullest extent. SpAz has flourished not only into a capable and seasoned drummer, but into an artist who can captivate a crowd of any size with his high energy stage presence. As a newly relocated Sacramento-based artist, SpAz had joined a well-known Alternative band called “Terra Ferno”. With over 20 years of passion and hard work underneath his belt already, he looked forward to recording and producing exciting new music, perfecting his talent, and continued growth as an artist. After a short 2 years, unfortunately due to musical differences, Eric and left the band to create Failure by Proxy. In less than a year, they had gained a large following, released 2 singles with worldwide distribution, and has played with many national acts, including Gemini Syndrome, Flaw, Oleander, Smile Empty Soul, The Mendenhall Experiment, Puddle Of Mudd and Buckcherry.

Other projects that he is currently involved in: Cash Cartell Band (Drummer), Soulwood (Samples / FX). When not commanding the throne in Failure by Proxy, Eric operates Vet-Traxx Project Inc., a non-profit organization that provides music therapy for Disabled Veterans in a recording studio.

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