Charlie "TAS" Judd - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Charlie "TAS" Judd - Signature Artist

5B | Acorn | 16.5" | Venom Grip

"Get stung and become Immortal with Scorpion Percussion!"

Close up action shot of drummer in between takes

Charlie “Tas” Judd is a third generation drummer and second cousin to “Wild“ Mick Brown of Dokken and Lynch Mob notoriety. Finally taking the drums seriously at twenty years old he took instruction from Jay Douglas, a Tacoma/Seattle drumming legend whose distinctive chops have been heard driving bands such as Ready Made Family and Chapter Five. It wasn’t long before Tas was filling in for Jay’s band Ready Made Family playing R & B and Hip Hop sequences in the seven piece group. Shortly thereafter he landed the drum throne in the Tacoma/Seattle favorite X35 followed by several years in local Tacoma favorites OSDO and Mid Life Crisis. Tas finally found his sweet spot in 2014 as a founding member of the chart topping Chris Jones Band. CJB has been running up the charts with singles from their American Radio EP and their latest single “I Still Do” was awarded Best Rock Song in The Spring 2020 World Songwriting Awards. CJB is currently working hard in the studio finishing up tracks for their upcoming album. Charlie draws his influences from such greats as Dean Castronovo, Buddy Rich, Dave Weckl, Aquiles Priester and Tommy Lee.

Current Gear List:
Drums - Sonor Force 3000, PDP/DW, CX Series, Pearl Exports
Snares - 2 Custom Painted Black Iron Keplingers, Custom Brass Keplinger, Pearl Masters
Custom Maple, OCDP Vented Maple
Pedals/Hardware - DW 9000
Drumheads - Evans
Cympad Cymbal Washers
Soultone Cymbals - 13” Custom Brilliant RA Hi-Hats, 10” Custom Brilliant RA Splash, 16”
Extreme Crash, 17” Extreme Crash, 22” Custom Brilliant RA Crash/Ride,
12” Extreme Splash, 18” Heavy Hammered China
Soultone Cymbals, Scorpion Percussion, WB Gear, Cympad

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