Ananya Patil International Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Ananya Patil - Scorpion Signature Artist

"Now...with the “VENOM GRIP”...I’M truly “IMMORTAL”.....”YOU” could be TOO......"

I’m Ananya Patil a.k.a BLASTPHEGOR. I’m a Heavy Metal drummer from India !!. I was introduced to heavy music at a very young age.....took an extreme liking to it as well as the intense drumming it requires and decided to make it my way of life. My topmost influences in drumming are Joey Jordison, HellHammer (Jan Axl Blomberg), Inferno, Gene Hoglan, John Bonham, George Kollias, Nicko McBrain etc...
My USP is my extreme double bass speed and technique as well as blast beats, which form an integral part of my drumming. I’m currently drumming for Official:Rage India and I’m also a session artist. Looking forward to reach out, connect and collaborate with different talented metal musicians from across the world, as well as try and share my musical abilities as much as possible in order to get and keep Heavy Metal mainstream.
Cheers \m/. "

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