Stream the new EP from THESE CURSED HANDS -- [Drowning in Fire] – Scorpion Percussion

Stream the new EP from THESE CURSED HANDS -- [Drowning in Fire]

THESE CURSED HANDS featuring Scorpion Percussion Artist TRAVIS CODY have released their new EP -- "Drowning in Fire



Hailing from the darkest, dankest depths of Portland Oregon's fecund metal scene, These Cursed Hands produce a synthesis of the best elements of black, progressive, core, death, and thrash metal that reduces even the most experienced metal listener into a quivering mass of bodily fluids slowly leeching out into the ground. Their vocal aggression, earthshaking heaviness, explosive rhythm, and face-melting riffage regularly annihilates whole audiences, leaving only ashen smears where fans once stood. As the sun rises on these scenes of sonic devastation, the few remaining survivors will pull themselves from the rubble and spread the cursed word.

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