Scorpion Percussion reviewed by MODERN DRUMMER MAGAZINE

Scorpion Percussion reviewed by MODERN DRUMMER MAGAZINE

Jason Mehler or MODERN DRUMMER MAGAZINE has given his honest review of Scorpion Percussion Drumsticks. Whether you're new to Scorpion, or just seeking confirmation on the quality of our product, Jason had some great insights to share.


Scorpion Percussion - Review in Modern Drummer Magazine - March 2024

Though the company has been around since 2008, Scorpion Percussion has really made waves in the past few years. Maybe it’s the cool factor. The drumsticks with the green grip and the menacing scorpion logo keep popping up on-stage with some of today’s top rockers. These sticks have a vibe, and for this month’s product close-up, I’ll be checking out an assortment of Scorpion Percussion drumsticks to see if they live up to the hype.

What are we testing?

I received seven pairs of Scorpion hickory drumsticks to review. Each pair has a different length, diameter, finish, and tip. Six of the pairs are from their Immortal Series, they are: 5A sixteen inch with oval tip and lacquer finish, 5AX seventeen inch with oval tip and lacquer finish, 5A sixteen inch with oval tip and natural finish, 7A sixteen inch with ball tip and lacquer finish, 5B sixteen inch with oval tip and natural finish, and 2B sixteen inch with Acorn tip and Venom Grip finish. The other pair is a set of warm-up rods that they call the Emperor Warm Up 747. They are dipped in Venom Grip as well.

What is Venom Grip?

Venom Grip is a thin, colorized (neon green) coating of water- based synthetic rubber, designed to reduce slippage while relaxing the drummer’s grip for a more natural feel.

My Review:

Drumstick lengths and diameters are largely a matter of preference, so for this review I will focus on the quality and finish of the Scorpion products as a whole, rather than review each pair of sticks individually.


Every pair of Scorpion sticks that I received have the following consistent characteristics: The sticks are tone-matched perfectly. The wood grain runs straight from bottom to top with few potential weak points. The sticks roll on a flat surface without any wobble whatsoever. The tip shapes are uniform within each pair and do not vary in rebound or sound as the stick rotates.

Lacquer Finish

Scorpion’s lacquer finish is subtle, meaning it’s not super shiny or thick. The sticks feel comfortable to hold and you can still detect the wood texture under your fingertips, which gives a sense of confidence that the stick will not slide.

Natural Finish

The sanded natural finish on the Scorpion sticks is nice. Where other brands natural finish is almost polished, these feel raw, like they just came off the sander. They almost feel like there is saw dust still in-tack, although that’s not the case. I’m sure under a microscope these would look interesting. Like Scorpion’s lacquer finish, the natural finish has anti-slip characteristics.

Venom Grip Finish

I love the Venom Grip. Aside from the look, it is very functional. The rubberized coating is thin to the point where you can clearly read the printed writing underneath it, yet it is very effective. There is no peeling or cracking, even at the transition where the grip tapers off. The coating has minimal effect on the weight distribution of the stick, and the sticks roll on a flat surface as if there is no coating present.

As for feel, the Venom Grip has just enough of a rubber “give” to feel snug on your grip, without a sense of stickiness. The anti-slip properties of the coating can be clearly detected by sliding your grip from the untreated top of the stick to the holding position where the coating will catch and halt the slide. The grip performs even better when damp or wet, which is exactly what you would want for demanding environments such as a hot stage or venue.

Emperor Warm Up 747

The one pair of sticks that warranted their own review section are the 747s. They are basically a pair of dense, thick hickory dowels dipped in Venom grip. They are 16-inches long with no frills, other than the ever-present Scorpion logo.

I hadn’t thought of using something like the 747s to warm up, although I do occasionally use a set of marching sticks. The problem with marching sticks for warming up (at least for me) is that they have the tendency to coax you out of the monotony of doing the simple and necessary warm up routines to get blood flowing to the hands. They are like the gateway drug to the more “choppy” stuff that does nothing for your muscles. These

747s on the other hand, have one obvious job: Warm Up! I will be using these for this purpose going forward.

A Third Person View

I recently had the privilege of watching Mikey Cox, drummer for Coal Chamber, in the most intense drumming performance that I’ve ever witnessed from stage left. Drenched in sweat and armed with his Scorpion signature 3A, green Venom-dipped drumsticks, Mikey annihilated the drums in a way that would send the Muppets’“Animal” into retirement. There is no better durability test for a pair of drumsticks than being in Mikey’s hands for one song. Did he break the sticks? Yes! Several pairs during the show. But he’d probably break them if they were made of titanium. Those green sticks took a wicked beating and were the perfect companion to the chaos that is Mikey Cox. He gave me the surviving pair of his sticks after the show, which now sit in my collection.

- Jason Mehler, Modern Drummer Magazine, March 2024


You no longer have to take our word for it... if you've been looking for a new drumstick, and you give importance to quality, price points, and community, we welcome you to try Scorpion Percussion. Take the plunge, and BECOME IMMORTAL.

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  • Spectacular review! Nothing better than seeing the sticks in action! Serious praise!

    Jeff Kozol
  • I totally agree with this article and review. I’ve been using Scorpion sticks now for 6 months out gigging and these are the sturdiest drum sticks I have ever used! I absolutely love this brand!

    Young Sandbak

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