Stream GHOST IN STEREO's new single -- [Corrosion] – Scorpion Percussion

Stream GHOST IN STEREO's new single -- [Corrosion]

GHOST IN STEREO featuring Scorpion Percussion Signature Artist MARCUS McGOWAN have just released their newest single -- [Corrosion].



Being a great example of pain producing a heavily emotional sound, Ghost In Stereo’s melodic metalcore track “Corrosion” offers a powerful glimpse into the mind of a man who was once taken over by addiction. The lyrics reflect on drug addiction and how it can be influenced by the ones that are supposed to love us the most. Mastered by Dave Otero of Flatline Audio and recorded at Francisco Studios. 

Many Scorpion Percussion sticks were harmed during the production of Corrosion and all previous singles that Ghost In Stereo have released to date. The audio release date of 10/24/2023, for Corrosion, includes a very special official lyric video and a few weeks later, will come the release the official music video. All photo/video produced by Deadlit Studios.

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