CooperGroove 5A .56"|1.42cm

Product image 1CooperGroove 5A .56"|1.42cm
Product image 2CooperGroove 5A .56"|1.42cm
Product image 3CooperGroove 5A .56"|1.42cm
Product image 4CooperGroove 5A .56"|1.42cm
Product image 5CooperGroove 5A .56"|1.42cm
Product image 6CooperGroove 5A .56"|1.42cm
Product image 7CooperGroove 5A .56"|1.42cm

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CooperGroove drumsticks are selected from the highest grade premium hickory. They use the latest in grinding technology to produce high quality, balanced and weighted sticks. A CNC machine is used to cut a dual diamond pattern finish allowing drummers to relax their grip, prevent against fatigue, and long term wear and tear.

"No more fatigue or soreness for these old hands!" - James Barron

"The grooves allow for air to flow between your hand and the stick, which decreases sweating." - Andrew Frideczky

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