Teece Marnne - Signature Artist – Scorpion Percussion

Teece Marnne - Signature Artist

"2 hours of hard-hittin' playing and these sticks just flatout hold up to the abuse!"

Drummer Teece Marnne poses with Scorpion Percussion drumsticks behind his drumkit

Teece Marnne (or Grumpy Dos 1%ER aka "Grumpy") was born in Las Vegas, NV in 1974. Growing up in Vegas, his early influences were Mötley Crüe, Slayer, early Metallica, Rush, Anthrax, and Iron Maiden. He's had drumsticks in his hand since he was about 3 years old and he's been drumming everything he could (including his wife of 26 years, his Devil Woman) since he picked up those sticks. He has had several drum kits over the years but about 3 years ago, he was able to purchase his "forever dream kit" a Pearl Crystal Beats kit. He hoards snare drums (he makes a snare purchase about every 6 months or so and would buy more if he could) but he's 'mostly' satisfied with his current setup (until he finds something else he likes more). Grumpy is a heavy handed, hardcore hitting drummer. When he's not throwing down 16th's on the kick or some insane triplet combos he can be seen on his Victory Hammer in the ""Bandit"" lane with his brothers in his MC. Grumpy lives to be on his drums or his bike with his brothers, but you can rest assured he will keep his Signature drumsticks by Scorpion Percussion at the ready with him in case he's ever called to kill it behind the kit. Grumpy's Pearl Crystal Beats are contained by a Gibraltar Rack system. Grumpy's philosophies on cymbals are " I buy what sounds good to ME and the sounds I'm looking for. " EVERYONE needs more cowbell and Grumpy don't disappoint as he has 4 of those all with different tone ranges. Grumpy's cowbells and other world percussion instruments are Meinl and LP percussion.

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