David Ansley- Scorpion Percussion Signature Artist

"Scorpion sticks are the only sticks I will play. Anything else is a waste of money."

Scorpion Percussion Signature Artist David Ansley


David Ansley was Born in Oakland California raised in Columbus Ohio where he was introduced to drumming by his older brother Rich Ansley at a young age. He was fortunate to be raised with a Rockin family and killer musicians to inspire him. With influences such as Tommy Aldridge, Tommy Lee, and the Bonhams, his style developed into a rockin, double bass groovin, show stopper. You might have caught him out on tour with the legendary David Allan Coe in 2018 and 2019 when he invaded the Outlaw country world and provided them a Groove and a show like none other. "You really know how to get the people off there asses" David Allan Coe. He has also shared the stage with rock Legends The Godz and Mari Jayn. His endorsements include scorpion percussion, ddrum,  Saluda cymbals and Porter & Davies drum thrones

5B | Oval | 16" | Venom Grip

  David Ansley Facebook LinkPJ Alvarez Instagram Page



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